3 Private Meditation Lessons with Emma Mills (Skype)


Private Sessions With Emma Mills (Skype)

Emma has created an innovative meditation program drawing on modern neuroscience, literature and eastern wisdom.



+ 3  Private Lessons With Emma 




Sessions last 60 minutes and can be taken one at a time, or in combination if you would prefer a little more time each time.

If you have any questions, would like to meet Emma via Skype or at her practice in the Midlands, or would like to speak to Emma before booking, please feel welcomed to email her here emma@emmamillslondon.com. It isn't necessary to wear yoga clothes or sportswear, but usually people do prefer to wear something they feel nice and comfortable in. We usually practice formal meditation sitting in nice, soft chairs or sofas, and every so often if we are keen me might try different positions such as sitting with crossed legs on pillows. 
Some concessionary sessions at a reduced rate are available for those happy to meet Emma in the Midlands (Southwell) and/or over Skype/telephone. To request a concession session, or a little more information please email emma@emmamillslondon.com



"I was keen to focus on meditation after struggling with it for many years and I came across Emma's website online. Emma has a great way of teaching and had a very impressive way of explaining things both clearly and simply. It was also apparent that she adapts her approach taking into account that each and every client Emma works with is unique and has their own specific aim in terms of what they wish to achieve. I would highly recommend Emma's services and I am now meditating regularly and the benefits are great!"
- Jean Reuseaux, Financial Executive, London.
"Emma is a very intelligent and thoughtful person who takes great care to make sure her clients receive a well structured and individually tailored service that delivers great results. I’m sure I will use Emma again in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to improve on any aspect of their lives."
- Dennis Richards, Entrepreneur, Chigwell
"Emma is a highly intuitive, sensitive therapist. Above all however, she is someone who cares deeply for her clients and goes the extra mile to help and encourage her new “friends” on a more positive path."  
- Simone Dubois, Opera Violinist